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Special Show




“Star of Live at The Apollo, Sarah Millican, pops in to try out loads of new stuff. She will bring jokes, if you bring laughs. It'll be rough and ready and very very fun. With hilarious guest comics on the bill too, it'll be a cracking night.”




Here comes some 5 star comedy


Every August more than 2000 comics take shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, the world's biggest comedy festival and industry showcase, hoping that they might be one of the lucky ones to be chosen for the career making Edinburgh Comedy Award (previously Perrier).

 Every June I sit in the office planning my autumn shows, considering comics I adore and think you will love, and tour shows we have been offered. Generally, as shows run consequently across my venues, I get to choose three comic talents I wish to bring to your town. So what are my chances of bringing you some of the hottest shows from Edinburgh ? Three out of two thousand!!

 Guess I must have a little bit of judgement, coupled with a slice of luck. In the past few years I've been fortunate enough to land award winning shows from Rhod Gilbert, Greg Davies, Russell Kane, Sarah Millican, Pappys and The Boy with Tape on His Face. One thing I can tell you about all these shows is that they have been truly exceptional.

 Thus I couldn't be more delighted to be bringing DOUBLE EDINBURGH AWARD NOMINEE 2012 & 2013 James Acaster with his nominated show 'Lawnmower'. A truly unique comic – there is a rather wonderful performance of his linked on his show details. Watch it twice – first time to wonder quite what it is he is doing, the second to marvel at beautifully constructed comedy from the simplest of observations. No wonder early industry comparisons were with Daniel Kitson. Unmissable – unless you need to catch comics on television to be corn fed who is funny.

 Add to James the wonderfully harsh comic world of Andrew Lawrence, himself a double Perrier Nominee, who first played our clubs a decade ago, from Scarborough to 'Live at the Apollo', and you have a slice of comedy comedy brilliance that doesn't exclusively rely on audience recognition to give your funny bone a good working over.

 See you on The Other Side

Jon x

you can catch Andrew in Scunthore and Hull, while James visits Scunthorpe, Louth and Hull

Ohhh, new, shiny


Finally !!!  Gee, this has taken some pulling teeth, but we are here, with some new shows, new dates, and lots to look forward to. We can only go upwards now.

Since most of my audience are middle aged bitter drinkers with beards (we do have some men attend as well), I'm not going to patronize you by telling you how to use a website. It's just like any other, foot mouse on the floor, right click to accelerate, left to brake. The little wheel in the middle does the steering and if you have one of those new ones you can lift it off the floor and shine a red light in you eyes if you get bored.

I'd like to thank my web designer Jason for his help in creating our new look - when I heard of his skiing accident in Peru I knew there would be delays, but once we had a dial up connection established in Cerro de Pasco he's been at it full steam uploading a picture a day whilst I've been coloring in the backgrounds with crayons. We've worked brilliantly as a team, and only once have I threatened to break his other leg.

For those that have nagged me for years, we are finally up on Facebook and Twitter so I have some new ways of doing my job poorly. I felt it right that we waited until the popularity of Facebook was dwindling before joining last decades social media revolution. I may also be selling some items on ebay soon, but if anyone would like to save me the effort and is in the market for some fair to average condition towels then do drop me a line.

Look forward to seeing you all soon. Go click on some bits, particularity anything marked 'BUY' ;-)

Jon Reed
The Other Side Comedy Club

PS Yes, that is me in the picture


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